Janira Wolfe & Star Nine in POV Flogging

Did you ever want to have two amazingly sexy blondes, tied together in a double spread eagle on your bed? Did you ever fantasize about watching them writhe and moan as you stalk around their naked helpless bodies? Would you pick up a flogger and start to whip them, first one then the other on their bare asses and exposed naked soles of their feet? Would you whip them together, standing over them and flailing away as they grind their hips into the mattress with desire under your lashing? Well, maybe, just maybe, this clip is for you.

Janira Wolfe and Star Nine lie naked, tied in a double spread eagle as the camera moves POV style around them, then your hand reaches in to take a whip and go to work. (I sure would appreciate a nod of approval for how well I held that camera steady with one hand while whipping them with the other.) First one ass, then one bare foot, then the other ass, and both feet while these two amazingly gorgeous women moan and twist in their ropes. I hope you enjoy this one, I sure had fun filming it!

Janira Wolfe and Star Nine POV Flogging