Lily Lane in Sweet Dream

Lily Lane lays in her bed, dreaming of what all kinky chicks dream of. In her mind’s eye she is tied down, legs open, hands overhead, helpless as her lover comes to her. In reality her fingertips trace down her silk nightgown as in her dream he exposes her breasts, kissing, fondling, licking her nipples. In reality her questing fingers slide ever further down as in the dream he finds her thighs, then spreads them so he can feast on her with his tongue. Lily moans and writhes, in dream and in bed, until she has a huge climax. Was it her lover’s tongue, or her own frantic fingertips? Who cares, as long as we get to watch! Sweet dreams, sweet Lily!

Bonus Clip: behind scenes, Lily Lane laughs and lies back as Tim ties her to the bed. Sometimes we leave the camera running so you can see the rigging. You know, if you’re into that sort of thing…

Lily Lane Sweet Dream

Lily Lane Behind Scenes